Conforms to ISO and ASTM standards

The Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC-L600) is a powerful thermal analysis instrument that measures the heat flow of a sample as a function of time or temperature. The DSC-L600 has been designed to be a cost-effective instrument that is well suited for research or QC applications. The instrument communicates with the PC via a RS232/USB connection. The specially designed heat flux plate has demonstrated more than twice the sensitivity than other heat flow type DSC’s on the market. The reproducibility is excellent, and the noise level is virtually unnoticeable due to a precision high gain, low noise differential amplifier


  • High-sensitivity heat flux design
  • A stable and reproducible baseline
  • Temperature range: -150°C to 725°C
  • Exceptional temperature accuracy
  • Preheated purge gases
  • Large dynamic range
  • Heating rates up to 200°C/min
  • Superior performance with rugged reliability
  • 24 bit high resolution with USB or RS232 interface

The DSC-L600 Differential Scanning Calorimeter is a powerful Thermal Analyzer that measures the energy absorbed or released as a function of time or a controlled temperature profile. The sensor of the DSC-L600 is the heat flux plate which is designed to give superior performance and rugged reliability. The heat flux plate is capable of measuring small energy changes over the entire temperature range. Examples of measurements that can be conducted with this thermal analyzer are Melt enthalpy, Glass transition, Heat of Crystallization, Purity Determination and Heat Capacity. The DSC-L600 has been developed in conjunction with the powerful Infinity Pro Thermal Analysis Software to provide superior performance. The 24 bit high-resolution electronics with USB interface has been designed from the ground up, offering years of reliability.

DSC-L600 Specification

Temperature RangeTypically -150°C to 650°C
Temperature Accuracy0.1°C
Temperature Precision0.1°C
Noise0.5 uW
Stability< 1 mW ambient to 550°C
Heat Flux Plate MaterialChromel or Constantan
Sample and Reference ThermocouplesType K
Furnace ThermocoupleType K
PID ControlDual PID control with USB Interface
Temperature Segments10 segments each has 1 Ramp, 1 Isotherm, Gas switch
Program Rates0.1 – 200°C/min
SoftwareInfinity Pro


The Infinity Pro software is a powerful thermal analysis program which is flexible and easy to use. Today’s thermal analyst will appreciate the tools incorporated into the software to analyze their materials.


  • Windows based for easy operation
  • Provides a cost effective upgrade using
  • existing thermal analyzers
  • Multiple Instrument operation
  • Supports DSC,TGA analysis


  • Wide range of cooling options
  • Assortment of pans and crimping options
  • Gas switching


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