Thermtest Europe + Hot Disk TPS

Thermtest Europe + Hot Disk TPS

We are proud to announce that Thermtest Europe AB will add Hot Disk‘s TPS instruments to our portfolio. The TPS method is a versatile method for testing thermal conductivity, diffusivity, effusivity and specific heat of almost any material.

Thermtest Europe will offer TPS sales in the Nordics, the Baltics, the Iberian Peninsula, Southeast Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, either direct from our head quarters in Sweden of through one of our local partners. In Portugal we are happy work through SCANSCI, in Spain SIDILAB, in Greece EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMS LTD and in Russia ConeTech.

We offer all of Hot Disk’s devices, from the powerful Hot Disk TPS 3500 to the portable Hot Disk M1 along with expert technical support. Our staff has long experience the TPS technique and can assist with testing even the most challenging samples.

The TPS method is well established and trusted method. Over 1000 Hot Disk systems have been installed around the world and you can find thousands of published papers in out paper database, which is open and free to use!

As Thermtest has been working with the TPS method in North America for over a decade, we are proud to also introduce our exclusive and powerful accessories to our new Hot Disk clients, making the method even more powerful and a truly universal tool for analyzing thermal conductivity.

So whether you have a complex laminate structure or want to test a polymer sample i both solid and molten phase, the TPS method is for you. Want to know more? Contact us today!