Thermal Conductivity Testing For You!

We are here to help! We offer the solutions for your testing needs in the field of thermal conductivity. With years of experience and high-quality instruments we offer anything from analysis of a single sample to a fully equipped laboratory for testing thermal transport properties.

At the Thermtest Europe laboratory, located on the Swedish west coast, we host one of Europe’s most complete laboratories for testing thermal transport properties. Utilizing this, we offer scientists and engineers a world leading analysis and measurement service for thermal conductivity, diffusivity, effusivity and resistance any materials. Internationally, Thermtest has more than 3000 satisfied customers, and we are just getting started!

Thermtest Europe

Internationally, Thermtest has been advancing the thermal conductivity measurement, thermal diffusivity, and specific heat since 2005. We are now proud to be present in Europe where our unique combination of advanced laboratory thermal conductivity instrumentation, portable meters, and corresponding accessories, enable us to offer testing solutions to fit most any type of sample, testing application or budget.

We purchased the TLS-100 last year and it has been already become an invaluable part of our R&D process. The TLS-100 is very user friendly and gives us repeatable results which gives us confidence. The Thermtest customer service has been great too. Thanks!

— Johan du Plessis, CEO at Tepeo

Thermtest Europe offers great service and great customer support. Testing results are delivered to you in a very short time. I would highly recommend this company for your testing needs.

— Massimo Furlan, Director at Projectus Labor S.R.L.

Thermal Conductivity Equipment

MP-1 with TPS and THW

Accurate measurement of absolute thermal conductivity, thermal diffusivity, specific heat and thermal effusivity.

TPS: ISO 22007-2, GB/T 32064 (solids)
THW: ASTM D7896 (liquids)
TLS: ASTM D5334-22a, ASTM D5930
Transient Hot Strip (THS)

Intelligent design. Multiple thermal conductivity methods. One versatile measurement platform.

TPS: ISO 22007-2, GB/T 32064 (Solids, pastes, powders)
THW: ASTM D7896 (Liquids)
MTPS (optional): Solids, pastes, powders
TLS (optional): ASTM D5334-22a, D5930, IEEE-442 (Soil, polymers

Portable meter for measuring liquids, solids, pastes, and powders with unique selection of transient thermal conductivity sensors.

Primary Measurement Sensors: Multi-Sensor
Standard: Conforms to ISO and ASTM