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Introduction According to literature1 the thermal conductivity of water is 0.598 W/m·K at 20 °C. Here the limits and accuracy of the Thermtest THW-L2 thermal conductivity meter for fluids is explored by testing a selection of water samples. For calibrating the THW-L2, deionized ultra-filtered (DIUF) water is used. With a so calibrated instrument the thermal [...]
Petroleum products are common throughout society. They are found in homes, farms, and industry. Here we will investigate the thermal conductivity of a few such fluids found at a small farm. Samples range from volatile petrol to thick chain and bar oil. For this project, the Thermtest THW-L2 liquid thermal conductivity meter was utilized. The [...]
This is a follow up post on a study we preferred in December 2018. At that time, we looked freshly cut birch wood and its thermal conductivity. You can find that post here: For the study we are using two methods, first the Transient Line Source method utilizing Thermtest’s TLS-100 and then the Transient [...]
Research regarding the different properties and potential applications of different chemicals and materials has been the driving force behind the major advances in science and technology that have occurred over the past century. Discovering and measuring the impact that chemicals such as mTBD can have on improving scientific technology is just one example of how [...]
In this post we will look at the thermal conductivity of green wood, more specifically birch from the Swedish west coast. Green wood has a high moisture level and is often allowed to season, or dry, before being used. With the shifting moisture levels, also the thermal transport properties of the wood will change. To [...]
The Thermtest THW-L2 is a thermal conductivity meter based on the Transient Hot Wire method for testing the thermal conductivity of fluids. In this example milk is used to demonstrate the sensitivity of the device. Testing fluids with a THW-L2 is easy and fast. Each measurement is only ca 1 second long and the sensor wire [...]
Are you interested in testing or knowing the thermal conductivity of your materials? If so, you have come to the right place! At Thermtest Europe we house one of Europe’s most complete privately held laboratories for testing thermal conductivity and related material properties. We can test most solids and liquids over a range of temperatures [...]