Thermtest Webinars

Overview As the bedding industry encompasses measurements of comfort for feeling of coolness or warmth, also known as Thermal Effusivity, for both initial touch and steady-state sleeping. This webinar will cover how these comfort factors can be measured and used in design in the bedding industry. Speaker Jeff Retallick is a Junior Application Scientist at [...]
Overview Nanofluids are popular due to their enhanced thermal properties as coolants when used in heat transfer equipment such as radiators, electronic cooling systems, or heat exchangers. Our in-house expert will briefly compare thermal conductivity methods for testing liquids and the advantages of testing liquids with the THW-L2. Transient Hot-Wire (THW) is the primary method [...]

Past Webinars

Overview For the measurement of non-homogenous and layered materials, thermal conductivity results calculated from measured thermal resistance is the preferred method. A comparison of thermal conductivity ASTM / ISO standards and investigative testing will be presented to explain why this is the case. About the Speaker Dale Hume has more than twenty years of thermal [...]
Overview In this webinar featuring Moisture Wicking Fabrics, we discuss our findings on the effects of moisture wicking fabrics and cool feel performance wear using the Thermal Effusivity Meter (TPS-EFF). Our focus is determining if the TPS-EFF can assist in selecting cool feel materials to be used in athletic wear with varying moisture levels. About [...]
Overview Discussing the measurement of the thermal conductivity and resistivity of soil and concrete using the transient line source technique. The transient line source (TLS) is an ideal and standardized method for testing materials in-situ and in the lab. Thermtest's TLS-100 is an easy-to-use and affordable instrument used for testing soil, rocks, concrete, and polymers. [...]
Overview Discussing the benefit of using the Transient Hot-Wire (THW) method for heat transfer fluids such as ethylene glycol and water. Transient Hot-Wire (THW) is the primary method for the measurement of thermal conductivity of fluids, nanofluids and pastes because of the wide range of applications, its high accuracy and repeatability. According to its theory, [...]