Thermtest Europe AB

Thermtest Europe AB was established in 2018 as the HUB for Thermtest’s sales in Europe. From the Thermtest Europe AB site in Veddige, Sweden, Thermtest’s thermal conductivity meters are imported to the EU and distributed across the European continent, directly to clients in some markets but mainly through a network of distributors. This network has been growing and improving since Thermtest Europe AB was founded and our clients can rest assured that support is always available thought the local distributor or directly from Thermtest Europe when needed.

Thermtest Europe also has a well-equipped thermal conductivity laboratory allowing us to offer testing of thermal conductivity and related material properties with a range of method adhering to several international standard. This service is open to companies and institutions across Europe and beyond. We can also consult in matters related to thermal conductivity and how to measure such properties.

Just like the rest of the Thermtest Group, Thermtest Europe’s focus is always to delivery primary thermal conductivity test methods for each sample to be analysed and to promote Good Testing. As a result, Thermtest offers a wide range of test methods for analysing thermal conductivity – not every method is suitable for every sample. Thermtest Europe has the experience needed to help guide any customer to the best possible test method for a give sample. We are frank with method limitations and focus on constructive solutions to complicated testing needs.

This is what sets us apart:

No one else can offer such wide range of methods and testing experiences as Thermtest can. We focus solely on thermal transport properties, making us true experts in the field of thermal conductivity testing. In any sales process we offer expert advice and suggestions based on years of experience. Our sales process always start with confirming which method would be best, then we discuss prices. There are no shortcuts to good thermal conductivity testing.

On a global level, Thermtest’s number of clients now count in the thousands. With the cost-effective Measurement Platform Two and the state-of-the-art Measurement Platform One we are set to change and improve the way thermal conductivity testing is considered. It should be easy to find the correct test method for your sample, something we are promoting with our platform-based systems which allow multiple measurement methods and probe types.

With HUBs now established in North America, Latin America, Asia and Europe, Thermtest’s reach is truly global, and we can offer localized support in almost any region. Under the contact section you will find your local HUB or distributor.

Thermtest Inc. was founded in 2005 in Fredericton, NB, Canada, where the global HQ and manufacturing is still located. In Fredericton we also have our main testing laboratory, allowing the Thermtest HUBs to offer advance testing not currently available at the HUB location. With the fully equipped laboratory in Canada, Thermtest HUBs can offer live demonstrations of any and all Thermtest products and in addition, the HUBs can offer local demonstrations.

Today Thermtest has evolved into the market leader when it comes to testing thermal conductivity in solids, liquids, powders, pastes, laminates, composites, and other complex materials, and we intend to keep expanding our knowledge and range of instruments. Thermal conductivity is our business and passion.